About Us

Team Drake is made up of a husband and wife who want to make things.  As our 2 girls get older, they will also hopefully contribute to Team Drake in fun ways for the world to see.


We finally decided it was time to get around to having a home for our family on the internet. We like to make things – and, truth be told – show them off.

Sarah – Wife, mom, artist. I currently have a job as a webmaster, but it’s just not floating my boat these days. I have really bloomed into my artist self these last few years. I’m sure some people would say I’ve gotten weird :).

Mike – Husband, dad, engineer. I have a beard. I also write code and build cool things. I love to play with technology and computers, and I like to think I’m pretty handy in my shop. I’m sure some people would say I started weird.

Isabelle – Daughter, kindergartner, awesome kid. Isabelle is an avid reader, writer, and artist.  She is constantly creating.

Valerie – Daughter, preschooler, awesome kid. Valerie loves to explore and learn how things work.  This includes the occasional climbing of things and taking apart of things.

Follow our store on Gumroad for software and art fun!

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